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OFFICIALS Certification

The USATF South Carolina Association is glad that you are considering becoming a USATF-certified Official.

Officials are responsible for judging events and for uniformly enforcing a defined and documented set of rules to ensure a fair competition and a level playing field for all athletes.

Being a certified USATF Official means being recognized for:

  • USATF Membership
  • Passed a background check
  • Maintaining SafeSport training
  • Having met education standards
  • Having knowledge of rules
  • Demonstrating fair and impartial judgment
  • Supporting athletes
  • Being a member of an organization that provides training opportunities

As one becomes a certified USATF Official, they have many officiating opportunities:

  • Clerks
  • Inspectors
  • Referees
  • Judges – Track
  • Judges – Field
  • Starters
  • Timekeepers

There are four different levels of certification for USATF Officials:

  • Apprentice
  • Association
  • National
  • Master

All new Officials start as an Apprentice Official. As officials gain knowledge and experience the progress through the various levels. And, as Officials progress, they mentor and guide more junior Officials.

Aside from ensuring fair and safe competition, as a USATF Official you are also part of a group with a sense of comradery and develop relationships and friendships.

If you are not already a certified USATF Official, what are you waiting for? Become one today!

Becoming a USATF Official involves 6 easy steps:

You may opt for a single-year Adult Membership, or you may obtain a 4-year Officials Membership

The Background Screen is currently $22. Did you write a bad check 15 years ago? Do you have unpaid parking tickets? Fear not! The background screen does not look at things like that. The check is focused on sex related crimes, assault, or other acts of violence.

  • Completing SafeSport training (if you have not already done so)*
    As a USATF member, there is no cost for this. But it does take approximately 90 minutes to complete the on-line training.

  • Completing the Rules Review
    Don’t worry! This is not complicated, and it is not a knowledge test. Rather, it is designed to get you familiar with the USATF rule book.

  • Completing and Submitting the New Officials Application
    Simply download, complete, and send to the USATF South Carolina Association Officials Certification Chair.

  • Uploading a photo and paying the Registration Fee
    The photo should be about the size of a passport photo. Not sure what size that is? Don’t worry. The system will tell you if the photo is not the correct size. The registration fee is $25, and is paid via the USATF Connect system.

* USATF Youth Coaches or 3-Step Volunteers already have these

The Certification Process – A tutorial