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Open / Masters

According to the USATF Competition Rules (Rule 1.1(c), (d)):

(c) The Masters Track and Field Championships are open to all
member athletes of USATF or of other World Athletics member federations
(d) The Masters Long Distance Running Championships are open to all member athletes of USATF, including Permanent Residents. However, only U.S. citizens shall be awarded individual championship awards or score for a team.

In South Carolina, Open and Masters events are open to all athletes. However, only current USATF members who are also current members of the USATF South Carolina Association are eligible for USATF awards from the USATF South Carolina Association.

Only USATF members are eligible to set a USATF record.

Affiliation / Regions
Open athletes (except for Race Walking and Cross Country) who are members of the South Carolina Association are in the South Region, which consists of:

South Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Gulf, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Southern, South Texas, Southwestern, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Texas

For Open Cross Country, Open Race Walking and all Masters Championships, The South Carolina Association is in the Southeast Region.

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia

Age Groups / Divisions


  • Track & Field: At least 14 or older on day of competition
  • Race Walking: At least 14 or older on day of competition
  • LDR and Cross-Country: At least 16 or older on day of competition
  • Open athletes are in scored in 10-year age groups.
  • In all events, athletes must at least 16 years of age to compete in international competition

Master ages

  • Track & Field: Age 35 and over. The Competition Committee (or Meet Director if there is no Competition Committee) may also include a 25-34 yead-old category. (Rule 330.2)
  • LDR and Cross-Country: Must be at least 40 years of age.
  • The age of a competitor on the first day of the meet determines the competitor’s division for individual events. (Rule 304.4)
  • The age on the first day of a meet of the youngest member shall determine the age division of a team in a team event or relay. (Rule 304.5)
  • The age division of an individual is not affected by the age division of a team or relay for which the individual competes. (Rule 304.6)
  • The Meet or Race Director shall have the authority to request proof of age and/or a medical certificate attesting to the competitor’s physical ability to compete. (Rule 304.7). It is preferable to for athletes to be date of birth verified in the USATF Connect system.
  • Athletes are scored in 5-year age groups. (Rule 330.3)

Masters Awards
In USATF South Carolina Association Championships, medals shall be awarded to the current USATF South Carolina Association members who finish in the top 3 in each age group in each event. (Rule 330.3, Rule 330.4)

Mixed Events
A mixed event containing male and female participants is allowed. Masters records may be made in mixed age and/or mixed sex competitions. (Rule 304.8)

Masters Uniforms

Uniforms are not required in USATF or USATF South Carolina meets. (Rule 330.5)

USATF South Carolina Open & Masters Events