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About USATF Club and Organization Membership

Fitness, both physical fitness and mental fitness, is a part of life. Track and field helps athletes maintain both physical fitness and mental fitness.

USATF (USA Track & Field) has over 3,000 clubs throughout the United States. There are over 60 USATF clubs currently active in South Carolina. And, out of all of these clubs, no two are exactly the same.

Clubs may differ on types of athletes, clubs may differ on the events they focus on, and clubs differ on coaches and coaching philosophy. Some clubs are centered on youth athletes, some are geared towards Masters athletes, while others focus on elite athlete development. Some clubs focus on track and field, some clubs focus on cross-country, some clubs focus on throws, some focus on race walking, while others focus on distance running, and some clubs focus on trails. And, yes, some clubs may combine two or more events.

Clubs help athletes progress and develop their physical skills. Clubs, both club coaches and the club environment help develop athletes mentally. Clubs provide a sense of camaraderie. Clubs provide a safe, competitive environment. USATF clubs do not condone or tolerate harassment, bullying, or discrimination. What are you waiting for? Join a USATF club today! Find a USATF Club.

Of course, you always create a new club. If you are interested in creating a club, there are different types of clubs:

Competitive : teams of athletes participating in competitive athletic events

Non-Competitive : clubs with limited benefits, and created for purposes such as sanction events with discounted sanction fee

Create a USATF club today!