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The stipend for Officials at USATF South Carolina Association Championships is $85 per day.

Athletes from different backgrounds and with different experiences come together to participate in a sports event. That event may be a track and field meet, a race walk event, a road race, a cross-country event, or a MUT (Mountain, Urban, Trail) event. These events may vary in size from very small to extremely large. Yet, as different as these events are, and as diverse as the athletes are, they all have one thing in common: the desire to have a fair competition.

Officials are responsible for judging events and for uniformly enforcing a defined and documented set of rules to ensure a fair competition and a level playing field for all athletes.

The Athletes are not there for the Officials. The Officials are there for the Athletes.

Though there are four different levels of certification, the USATF South Carolina Association firmly believes all Officials should be treated equally. After all, they are all certified Officials.

In the USATF South Carolina Association:

    • We do certainly recognize our Officials have different levels of experience and knowledge, and we believe we can learn from each other.
    • We believe those Officials with more knowledge and experience can and should use it to improve other Officials.
    • We believe all Officials, especially those with less experience and knowledge, should use the knowledge and experience of other Officials.
    • We believe all Officials, regardless of certification level, are indeed certified Officials.
    • We believe all Officials should treat each other with respect, and in the South Carolina Association we will tolerate nothing less.

If you are not already a certified USATF Official, what are you waiting for? Become one today!