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Officials Committee

[email protected]

Committee Chair: George Illingworth

Committee Members
John Blackburn
Steve Mullaney
Ron Geohaghan

Committee Type : Administrative Committee, Standing

Committee Purpose

The Officials Committee is tasked with:

  • Recruiting New Officials
  • Training Officials
  • Selecting Officials

Recruiting New Officials
The Committee recruits new Officials first and foremost within South Carolina. The Committee encourages Coaches, parents, and anyone else that may be interested, to become a USATF Official. In some cases, the Committee works directly with individuals to obtain certification by referring them to the Officials Certification Chair. However, most of the time the Committee prefers to have prospective Officials attend a training clinic.

Training Officials
The Committee is responsible for developing the curricula for clinics for prospective officials and presenting the clinics. It has been the Association’s practice to partner with other track  entities (such as Myrtle Beach Sports, the University of South Carolina, etc.) to present the clinics.  The Committee develops curricula for track and for field clinics to improve the knowledge of current Officials. These may be presented as stand-alone events or tied to a USATF SC meet.  All clinics will be presented by Committee members and other senior level officials.

Selecting Officials
The Committee (primarily the Chair) collaborates with the appropriate Sport Chair to recruit and select officials to staff a well-run meet.  Together, they solicit Officials from the USATF SC Officials group, select the most qualified Officials, and place them in assignments suitable for each Officials.  Placement takes into account the Official’s current experience and knowledge.  Assignments are made to give newer officials the opportunity to grow in their craft.  Meets where this is routinely done are USATF SC Youth JO, USATF Association Open and Masters, and the USATF SC Cross Country Championships.  When USATF SC is host for Region 4 Championships in track and field, or Cross Country, the same procedure will be followed.