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Law & Legislation Committee

[email protected]

Committee Chair: <Assigned As Needed>

Committee Members
Filled as Needed
Filled as Needed
Filled as Needed
Filled as Needed

Committee Type : Administrative Committee, Ad-hoc

Committee Purpose
The Law & Legislation Committee differs from most of the other Association Committees. The Law & Legislation Committee is an ad-hoc committee, meaning it is a temporary committee created as needed, as opposed to a standing committee.

This committee is created when the need for such a committee arises, such as when grievances are filed and must be addressed.




F. INITIATION OF PROCEEDINGS: Formal grievance shall be initiated as follows:

  1. Grievance complaint filing procedures:

a. Filing location: Complaints shall be filed with the Association President and Secretary. The Secretary shall forward a copy of the Complaint to each party charged in the Complaint.

b. Language: All documents filed and exchanged with respect to this Regulation shall be in English; provided, however, that an original document that is in a foreign language must be submitted along with an English translation. The party submitting the document shall bear the cost of obtaining its translation which shall be conducted by a reputable translator or translation service. In the event of a challenge to the accuracy of a translated document, the panel chairperson may direct USASTF to order a translation of the document(s) in question and may allocate the cost of the translation to any party or all parties, as the panel deems appropriate;

c. Basis for the Complaint: The Complaint shall allege clearly the nature of the dispute and, where appropriate, state the specific violation of the Bylaws, Operating Procedures, Competition Rules, or Policies of USATF, USATF South Carolina, or WA;

d. Facts of allegation: Factual allegations shall be separately stated in concise language with one allegation set forth in each numbered paragraph of the Complaint;

e. Signature: The Complaint shall be signed by the person filing the Complaint;

f. Filing Fees: A filing fee, at the amount specified by USATF for grievance appeals as of January 1 of the year in which the grievance is filed, must be paid by individuals filing a Complaint. The filing fee must be in the form of a certified check or money order made payable to the Association;