In April 2022, the USATF South Carolina Association replaced its Youth implements.

The replaced implements are being made available to current USATF South Carolina Youth Clubs. These implements will be donated free of charge to USATFSC clubs in need. This will provide those clubs more implements to train with, and that will help increase their athletes’ competitiveness and increase the overall level of competition at USATFSC Track & Field meets. Current USATFSC Clubs may apply for implements at:  USATFSC Implement Disbursement"


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2021-2022 Coaches Education Scholarships


USATF-SC L & L2 Grant applications will be accepted until all grants are awarded.

All 2021 USATF Coaching Courses will be on-line.

Current USATF-SC membership required.

Members are eligible for only one L-1 and one L-2 Grant.

See Grant Information for more details:

USATF-SC Coaches Ed Grant Information (link)

USATF-SC Coaches Ed Grant Application (link

USATF Course Registration: (link)